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You dream about it sometimes: A beautiful young girl with a perfect body lolls on your bed – just waiting for you to join her and unite in passionate lovemaking. With our exceptional DreamDoll RealDoll silicone dolls we can make your most intimate wishes come true.

To compare a DreamDoll Model·to a conventional silicone love doll would be to compare a Porsche to a Bobby Car. Even so-called upscale models can’t hold a candle to our luxury ladies.


DreamDoll Creation*s – the name says it all!

Our goal is to create celestially beautiful women, but women that look and feel real, enabling you to fully indulge your fantasies. In production, we pull out all the stops in terms of material and construction to create the perfect illusion. Despite the exceptional quality of our dolls we can offer the cheapest Dreamdoll silicone·Realdolls anywhere.

A lifelike silicone love doll created to your taste

In our·DreamDoll/RealDoll shop we offer you extraordinarily desirable women – covering the full range of feminine beauty. Imagine the girl of your dreams – in your arms, and in your bed. From chest size to eye colour, you can tell us exactly how you want your silicone sex doll to be made.


Our DreamDoll models are available in the following variations.

Choose between:

  • Tania • Soria • Swan • Chléa Julia • Angela Ginger • Desiree • Scarlett

or • Maeva - every one of our high quality silicone sex dolls are simply irresistible!


Dream Doll Creations - the most affordable light model version:

Want to buy a·high-quality silicone love doll, but not ready to invest in a top model with all the bells and whistles? Then the·Dream Doll Light·is for you. We’ve created a version of our Premium doll that offers incomparable pleasure – yet is inexpensive.

Excellent feautures for an attractive price

Our RealDolls deliver excellent features and performance afor a great price. And don’t forget, all our dolls are guaranteed for one year!

One Year Warranty

We grant a one year warranty for every DreamDoll Model we sell. If you or we find a production fault, we will either repair the model, or, if that isn’t possible, manufacture a new love doll for you. Packaging and delivery is free.



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