DreamDoll CHLEA Head

Product no.: DT 502050

DreamDoll Creation's Sextoy head

DreamDoll Sextoy:
Be impressed by originality and detail in connection with the shape and feminine expression of one of the most beautiful models, was created in our studio, "the DreamDoll- head section," a lifelike SEX SIMULATION absolute EXTRA CLASS in modern NEW TIME . Our Dreamdoll head Model is a fully functional replica of a female head, abgecovert of our Dreamdoll ORIGINAL (RLS PLUS) Model version. We have (including Oral intake) with a safe stand equipped most-popular Dreamdoll head Chlea (with Suction Cup) here. This is visible on the shoulder seam.

All properties of an erotically appealing bombshell have been united in this header area is perfect for you. This model is made up with all your erotisch- sexually appealing attributes, perfect for you in the limelight. One option that may have a more natural property is a heated mouth, we (surcharge) like to be able to produce for you on request.

Of course, you can select your desired wig and make wishes for MakeUp contends. We like to advise you, if desired, comprising about this product, via email or phone.

Dimensions for Dreamdoll head:

Height: about 33 cm
Width: about 28 cm
Depth: 20 cm
Oral intake depth: about 12 cm - 14 cm

Hair color: red, dark, blond
Included: Oral - heating (12 V / 50 Hz / surcharge)

+ 1 year warranty / internal substructure

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are very happy for each additional exchange of information available.

Production time: 1 to 3 days (+ - 2 days)

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DreamDoll CHLEA Head

DreamDoll CHLEA Head
DreamDoll CHLEA Head