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DreamDoll Repairset small

DreamDoll Repairset small
DreamDoll Repairset small
DreamDoll Repairset small
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DreamDoll repairset (small)

Repair-Set "SMALL" for quick access:
To be prepaired for the small snags of life.

1 x Part A = 25ml
1 x Part B = 25 ml

The two containers of 25 ml, including your choice color. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are very happy for each additional exchange of information available.

Production time: 1 to 3 days (+ - 2 days)

The delivery cost (ยค 15) are in the gross purchase price not included, in the case of that which has been separately order the repair kit!

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DreamDoll Creation X-Treme Model

Dream Doll Creation EUROPE presents:
The Dream Doll Creation X-TREME (formerly Custom) - Model Version:

+++ Option possible: Full body heated Doll

+ Face type: select yourself (Asia, European, African).
+ Faces: 6 Faces free available (you can choose between 6 faces)

+ Height: 1.68 meters
+ Dimensions: 90 - 63-92
+ 3 breast sizes selectable (no extra charge):

+ Breast Size: 90B (FR); 34B; (GB) 12A (AU); 75B (DE) CUP = KLEIN
+ Breast Size: 90C (FR); 34B; (GB) 12B (AU); 75C (DE) CUP = MEDIUM
+ Breast Size: 90D (FR); 34C; (GB) 12C (AU); 75D (DE) CUP = Large

+ Option (plus extra charge):

+ 30% breast enlargement on 90D (FR); 34DD; 34E (GB); 75E (DE) CUP = Gross + 30%

+ Dress Size: 38th
+ Weight 37 kg + / -5%
+ Hair color: black, blond, brown, medium brown and red
+ Hair length: you can choose between long or short hair
+ Eye Color: Blue, extra- blue, green extra-, green, gray.
+ Skin color: select between 4 basic colors / skin types:

Standard color, Asian, Latino brown, black African.

+ Special makeup: silicone-based color makeup; is created by our award-winning makeup designer.

+ Our Dreamdoll models are freely modifiable!
+ 1 year warranty / internal substructure and production damage
+ INFO: Full manual / USER CARE GUIDE

With extensive precautions and repair instructions for use of repair kits.

- Face type: TANIA European face.
- Face type: SORIA European face.
- Face Type: SWAN Asian face.
- Face type: Chlea European face.
- Face type: JULIA European face
- Face type: MAEVA European face

Ultra-realistic sex characteristics (Sexparts)

Super Jiggly Breast, Butt & Hip & Sexpart technology!

Ultra-realistic sex characteristics (Sexparts)

Production time: For a Dream Doll X-TREME- Model we need about 2-3 weeks (+ - 1 week) for production.

Delivery time after the end of production: 24 - 48 hours; inerhalb the EU (+ -24 hours).

Shipping time: 3-4 Days
from 4.580,54 EUR
16 % VAT incl.
DDC Extra Vagina Inlet(s) O. Nr.: DDCRV-1020

DreamDoll Creation's Extra Inlet (s) for Changeable vagina


Distributions & Cooperations, wholesale and retail trade
www.dreamdoll.de, Email: info@dreamdoll.de

Dream Doll - Extra Inlet for Changeable Vagina: Let impressed by originality and original detail in connection with the form of one of the most beautiful models, originated in our Dream Doll Studio, "the Dreamdoll-Removable Vasgina / Exchangeable Vagin; here Extra Inlet for Removable vagina , a SEX SIMULATION absolute EXTRA CLASS in modern New time.

Our Dreamdoll Exchangeable vagina, is a fully functional replica of the female vagina, where this option is one then allows the vagina to take out. You have to imagine so that here now erhalltbare extra Inlet is predetermination to be easily screwed in the vagina, the Exchangeable. Our producer has the Exchangeable vagina so prepared is not harmed by his conduct to the overview screen of the vagina. Thus, for example, when opening the legs, the overview screen will always, of course; what with Changeable vaginas of other manufacturers is not unfortunately the case!

All properties and claims as they would find in an erotically appealing bombshell have been perfectly combined in this model. This model sets with all your erotisch- sexually appealing attributes, perfect for you in scene.

DreamDoll- Extra Inlet for Changeable vagina:

Weight: 0.25 kg =
Color: You can choose between 4 different skin tones
Features: Vagina Inlet / Suitable for all positions!
Inlet Soft Zone: You can choose between 3 levels of softness
Processing: talc-free; no glue / Vulgarisationsfrei!

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are very happy for any further information exchange.

Production time: 2 to 3 days (+ - 1 days)
The delivery costs are included in the gross purchase price!
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
from 86,76 EUR
16 % VAT incl.
Shipping time:  3-4 Days
Product no.: DD RP-1020
Manufacturer: DreamDoll Creation
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from 73,11 EUR
16 % VAT incl.
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